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About Us and the benefits of Community Employment

Congress Centres Network Nationwide

Our History

The Congress Centres Network came into being during an era of mass unemployment in the 1980s.

The Centres were established to provide support, resources and a range of services to the growing numbers of unemployed workers, many of whom were trade union members.

Centres also served as campaigning organisations on issues around unemployment, poverty and social exclusion.

Our Network

The Congress Centres Network comprises of twenty Centres around Ireland. 

Each Centre is a company limited by guarantee which is managed by a fulltime Co-ordinator and a voluntary Board of Management made up mainly of local Trades council and other trade union and community representatives.

We draw our funding from a variety of sources including DSP Community Services and DSP Services to Business., Community Fundraising & Grants


Advocacy & Information

All of our Nationwide centres provide advocacy & information on a wide range
of topics including, Social Welfare, Redundancy, Job Seekers/ Benefit Allowance, Back to Education Allowance

Community Employment


The Mullingar Congress Centre is delighted to be sponsors to a Community Employment Scheme for over 20 years. 
The Community Employment (CE) programme is designed to help people who are long-term unemployed (or otherwise disadvantaged) to get back to work by offering part-time and temporary placements in jobs based within local communities.
Participants can take up other part-time work during their placement and are offered a full mentoring and training oppertunity within the centre.
After the placement, participants are encouraged to look for permanent jobs elsewhere, based on the experience and new skills they have gained while on our Community Employment scheme.

The Community Employment programme is administered by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP).

Community Employment sponsors are the voluntary organisations or public bodies that manage CE schemes at a local level.

"Supported by the Department of Social Protection, which is funded by the Irish Government"
My saying is "Education is Never a waste"



                                Community Employment Testimonial by Pauline McEnerney

It was here I got the chance to further develop my skills and knowledge as a trainer. I was offered the chance to progress and enhance my pre-existing skills. While I was teaching other courses I got the chance to sign up for specialised Instructor courses in 2014 to become a Patient handling instructor and Manual handling instructor, all of which I successfully completed and now am qualified to teach. During this time I was constantly supported by my centre Manager/Co-ordinator Susan Bray for which I am forever grateful. Her reassurance, guidance and faith in me made me believe in myself and believe that it was possible for me to achieve any of my goals. I am an ambitious person at heart and I feel I can always do with learning more. My saying is ‘Education is Never a waste’’ During my time here at Mullingar Congress Centre I have had the privilege to teach a variety of courses such as FETAC/QQI Computer applications level 4, Occupational First aid level 5 and Benefit 4 computers for beginners and much more. I got the chance impart my knowledge and skills to other and this resulted in me forming strong friendships as a result. Mullingar Information and Development Centre has so much to offer people it’s a one stop shop of information and training. A vibrant and happy place to work with a fantastic team who want the very best for each other. I am so thankful to Mullingar Congress Centre and its staff, it definitely has contributed to what I am today. It was that stepping stone that lead me to my dream job. It built my confidence and helped me make that big leap, when the day came. While I was there I was head hunted by a well-known Medical Company who was looking for a Healthcare trainer and co-ordinator. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I jumped at it. I will miss Mullingar Congress Centre and my fellow co-worker as it became my home and you all became my wee family. This is a fantastic environment for anyone to be part of. I would advise anyone to take up a CE position as it leads to brighter things.